eclipse invests in their staff’s personal development

23 August 2016

Each year, the eclipse Group carries out performance reviews where individual personal development requirements are identified, and together with the Group’s technical experts and the individual’s line manager, a tailored training program is designed to cater to the overall requirements of both the employee and the Group.

Accordingly, there have been a number of in-house and outsourced technical courses, open sessions/demonstrations, refresher training programs and online e-learning solutions organised and made available to the staff, all with specific targeted learning outcomes. Group Human Resources Manager, Shiella Manzano comments, “The aim of the summer training program is to optimize the available time during the off-peak season to provide learning opportunities to our colleagues, thereby creating a culture of learning and development across the board.” Some of the in-house courses offered this summer have included audio networking, audio consoles, in-depth Analog Way, Green Hippo and Watchout demonstrations, refresher IRATA Rope access courses, and a series of Wholehog, Chamsys, and GrandMA development courses.

The Group has also rolled out additional training via one of the largest online training solutions, With this, each member of the eclipse team has access to over 7,000 online courses, including modules in the latest software, creative, and business skills through high-quality instructional videos.

Since the Group began this summer’s training initiative, over 1,077 training man hours have been accumulated, covering HSE, technical and sales courses and over 400 online hours through

“We’re delighted with the level of feedback and positive results so far, and I’m confident that with eclipse’s commitment to investing in their team’s personal development, this initiative won’t be the last. I’m proud to be a part of a team that trusts in every person’s individuality, potential and contribution.” Concludes Shiella.
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